Web Development

Customized High-End WordPress Websites, Responsive Design & Search Friendly

Search Optimization

Strategy, Architecture, Content, Links, and Tracking

Local Optimization

Google +, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp & More – Setup, Optimized & Synced

Pay Per Click

Account Setup, Landing Page Design & On-Going Management

Email Marketing

Customized High-End WordPress Websites, Responsive Design & Search Friendly

Print Production

Custom Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Packaging & More

Video Production

Live Action, Animated, Whiteboard, Explainer Videos

Social Media

Account Setup, Landing Page Design & On-Going Management

Website Development

With years of experience in website design and production, Spark Creative Marketing is well positioned to provide you with the quality and creativity you need. Our team of designers work with on WordPress CMS, the world’s most popular CMS platform, and specialize in crafting elegant, unique designs that represent the business personalities of our clients.

All Spark CM websites are designed to be fully responsive. This means that they can be opened and viewed on any device (just like our website); desktop, tablet, phone etc. As more and more work is being done on non-tradition computer devices, responsive design is crucial to ensure you are communicating your message to all types of users. Put your business in a position to communicate effectively and succeed with a custom designed website from Spark Creative Marketing.

Search Enginge Optimization

Organic search visibility requires a strategy, proper website architecture, unique and highly relevant content, quality organic links, and constant tracking, analysis and maintenance.

Spark Creative Marketing delivers it all. We have an established track record of building websites from scratch, conducting on-page and off-page optimization, and generating valuable page one rankings for highly relevant search terms on Google and other search engines.

Spark understands SEO, from project management, to web development, to content writers, to SEO technicians; we know how to effectively implement an SEO strategy in order to generate the search visibility your business needs to succeed.

Local Optimization

If you are a business with physical locations, establishing your presence on local listing websites like Google +, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Yelp is a crucial element to growing your business.

There are hundreds of local listing websites on the internet that compete for traffic related to your service. The goal is to establish your presence on as many of them as possible, prioritizing by the individual relevance of each website and its relative traffic rating. We separate the local listings websites into 4 tiers, and help you build out your presence across the sites in a manner that is consistent, effective and documented.

Unlike most other services, at Spark Creative Marketing we setup your accounts so that you have complete access to your logins. If you stop working with us, you won’t lose anything that has been setup and will have all the information needed to take over the management of your listings. Other companies try to lock you in to reoccurring annual fees, and if you stop working with them all your business listings will need to be re-claimed and in many cases re-setup.
Local Optimization is crucial to driving new business growth. The best part is that once the setup work is done, it requires considerably less effort to maintain. Typically delivers exceptional ROI for years.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click can be an extremely effective means to generate immediate visibility for search terms related to your business services. Google Adwords puts your ads in front of highly relevant traffic, and gives you a chance to instantly compete.

The Adwords interface is designed so that anyone can use it. The problem is that it takes a tremendous amount of work and knowledge to compete effectively and cost efficiently.

Spark has the experience, knowledge and procedures to setup your campaigns, keywords and ads to generate higher click through rates and lower costs per click.

Clicks equals traffic, but what good is traffic if your landing pages don’t convert the traffic into leads or purchases? Spark designs unique, high quality landing pages, with conversion optimized structure, design and copy. We don’t rely solely on our experience, we are constantly tracking, analyzing and modifying in order to continuously deliver better results.

Email Marketing

Your contact list is one of the most valuable resources that you naturally develop as a company. Who does your contact list consist of? Current customers, former customers, leads that never converted, employees, former employees, collaborators, vendors, friends, family, etc. Effective marketing to your existing contacts is crucial in driving repeat and referral customers, and email marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient means to do so.

The first step is to understand your list. Next it must be segmented into specific groups. Then a message plan should be developed for each group. Once the plan is complete, it must be fully implemented. Spark Creative Marketing has the experience and knowledge to guide you through each step of your email marketing efforts. From building out your lists, to developing an email marketing schedule, to producing custom templates, and to setting up your autoresponders; our team of email marketing professionals get it done.

Spark is constantly tracking and analyzing the performance of each email. We utilize A/B testing in order to find the most effective subject lines, design, copy and calls to action.

Print Production

Business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, signs, packaging etc. Every business has many individual opportunities to stand out from the competition, and that is what Creative Marketing is all about. Each business has its differentiators and its own personality. Spark embraces those things that make you different and incorporates them into your collateral.

Spark is all about the Wow Factor. Wow is achieved through creativity and quality; Spark Creative Marketing delivers both. Our print designers create unique, professional, and attractive designs that represent your business and your message in a manner that leaves a memorable imprint. We work with high-end vendors who use quality materials, have professional technical processes, and have established track records in order to ensure your collateral are of the highest quality.

Video Production

The use of video is a hot trend in internet marketing. Studies have demonstrated that incorporating videos into websites, landing pages, and email marketing can drastically improve conversion rates.

Beyond conversion rates, videos are extremely effective tools for communicating complex information in short amounts of time. This fact makes videos very valuable to businesses selling services or products that require detailed explanations.
Spark Creative Marketing creates three different types of videos; live action, animated, and whiteboard. Videos can also contain combinations of the different types. Our video production teams are experienced in handling every facet of the production including concept, script, story board, video/animation production, editing, voice acting, posting, and promotion.

Social Media

Everyone knows social media can be valuable for businesses. The “how” is the harder part. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, other social media sites, and blogs; the places that your business “needs to be” are endless. Spark Creative Marketing will help you select the best options for your business and design a customized social media marketing plan that fits your company.

In order to guide you in an effective social media strategy our team will focus on learning about your company, your industry and your customers. They will outline a social media plan, put together a thorough month by month schedule, assist you in coming up with concepts, developing content, distribution, promotion, tracking results, and optimizing your campaigns to achieve your goals.

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Spark Creative Marketing is a marketing agency located in Queens, New York City. We offer a wide array of marketing services for the “digital world” and the “real world”. Spark was founded by two brothers [Adlai & James]. Both with nearly a decade of marketing experience and together they bring a diverse & powerful group of skills that allow them to solve a large number of common business marketing problems.

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